Designed and Built in San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Breezy be delivered?
If you're in Marin County, we offer local delivery and optional wall mounting. Outside of Marin, we'll ship Breezy to your address via UPS Ground.
How frequently do filters need to be replaced?
Breezy's filter needs to be replaced on average every four months. In environments with high amounts of aerosolized grease or cigarette smoke, it may need to be replaced more frequently.
What is involved in Breezy's set up?
Breezy can either be wall mounted or it can stand on its own. If wall mounted, Breezy is supported by two standard screws and requires no complicated installation. If you would like to have it stand on its own, setting up Breezy is as easy as plugging it into the wall.
Where should I place Breezy?
Breezy is best positioned off the floor but not at ceiling height. We find that anywhere from 5-8 feet off the ground works well. Businesses typically place Breezy on an unused counter or table, or halfway up a wall.
Feel free to reach out via for further questions.